O Immortal Phoenix


Based on a Hidden Word by Bahá’u’lláh

F | Am

||: O immortal phoenix!

Bb | Am | Gm7 | C7(9)

Dwell not save on the mount

Gm7 | C7(9)

of faithfulness. :||

Am7 | Dm7 | Am7

Therein is thy habitation,


if on the wings of thy soul

Am7 | Dm7

thou soarest to the realm of the infinite

Bb | C | F | Am | Bb | Am | Gm7 | C7(9) | Gm7 | C7(9)

and seekest to attain thy goal.


Put to music by Alexis Semple, Rosalynd Koch & Sheyda Peyman

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